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The Japanese Government has tried its hand at match-making in a desperate bid to increase the rate of marriages and reverse the country’s declining population. Japan’s stalling economy has been a major factor affecting marriage prospects. Young men in unstable jobs say they cannot afford married life and young women say they want more financial security in their men, and lifelong singles have become a demographic group of their own.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s latest figures showed that 60 per cent of men in their early thirties in secure jobs were married, while only 27 per cent of men in contract or part-time jobs had a spouse. So councils have expanded local date nights with the help of marriage-matching agencies.

The government has launched a The Japanese government has invested heavily in creating business matchmaking, where domestic and international.

Japan’s government is going to play Cupid in an attempt to encourage more couples to have babies. The country has one of the lowest birth rates in the world and politicians are turning to novel methods to get people to add to the population. One of these methods is local authorities acting as matchmakers. Japan’s national government will support any local government effort at speed dating, online matchmaking and other ways to coax couples to get together and start families.

The draft recommendations call for intensive efforts over the next five years. The report says Japan faces a “critical situation” in which the dwindling number of children could cause serious social problems for the country. One reason the government has found for Japan’s falling birth rate is the rising cost of raising children. The government hopes to address this with a variety of measures. These include plans to improve access to free nursery care, special centres for people undergoing fertility treatment, and a target to increase the number of fathers taking paternity leave after their baby is born to 80 per cent by the year There are also plans to provide greater support for families with three or more children.

The overs already constitute 25 per cent of the population. The birth rate has fallen steadily from 4. Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening – There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more.

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Japanese sign up for DNA matchmaking as country faces demographic crisis

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EEN Japan, in cooperation with the Miyagi Prefectural Government, is organizing the second EU-Japan Nanotech Matchmaking Event in Miyagi. Th See more.

Japan has announced it is spending millions of pounds on state-sponsored dating events to boost its slumping birth rate. But as Dr Aya Homei argues, this overly simplistic approach is a diversion from the consequences of a fiercely male work culture that makes little allowance for women and their childcare needs. Birth rates in Japan have been going downhill over the past decades and as a result it has one of the fastest ageing populations in the world.

The new policy smacks of a desperate attempt to break Japan out of a vicious cycle. But is it really an effective measure? The idea is that this festive environment facilitates matchmaking. But in my opinion, the policy is highly questionable due to the simplistic thinking underlying it. Just because local authorities may be successful at matchmaking through the parties they subsidize, this does not automatically lead to more children. First of all, we all know that relationships can fail.

Also, in Japan where childbearing is celebrated so long as it happens within the institution of marriage, many couples probably strive for getting married if they wish to have children. And there can be a hurdle here, too, because in Japan marriage means very much a marriage between two families rather than just two individuals.

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Why Japan?

Earlier this week, new government figures revealed that almost half of Japanese singles who wished to marry were unable to find a suitable.

Two Japanese PR outfits are launching an initiative that aims to provide a more robust selection of skilled PR freelancers to the industry by providing best-practice guidance and learning opportunities. According to Honda, it is inspired by a rise in the number of freelance PR practitioners in Japan and lack of educational resources and consistency in the sector. The central component is a database of freelancers, who can sign up free of charge for a learning programme and subsequent referrals to paying clients.

The programme is based on a competency model that Honda developed based on his own experience and input from peers. It consists of five fundamentals he says are central to effective PR: ibeing able to relate to multiple stakeholders; being a spokesperson; social prescience and forecasting ability; narrative strength; and executional flexibility.

The initial round is set to begin in April. Honda said the Japanese PR industry suffers from a lack of robust education due to the absence of such a competency model. Facilities offered by institutions such as the Graduate School of Information and Communication, which launched in , are “good but not enough”, he said. The service will generate revenue through talent matching: client companies pay a monthly fee dependent on the scope of a project in return for a recommendation as to suitable freelance practitioners.

Matchmaking or matrimonial misery, outbreak tests couples

Only those with reservations can enter this Shanghai government office to submit documents for marriage and divorce. The move was taken to avoid congestion as one way to prevent a spread of the coronavirus. Kanako Miyajima. The coronavirus outbreak is acting like an accelerant for marriages across Japan and around the world: either setting them ablaze or igniting the flames of passion. Some companies are providing new services to married people seeking refuge from their own homes.

Chatter about corona divorces became more prevalent around late February, and increased when government officials called for citizens to remain home as much as possible to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading.

Japan’s new draft bill to outline 30 new offshore wind sites. Japanese government is drafting a bill that would facilitate identifying new development sites for 1.

JBIC contributes to the industrial and socio-economic development of Japan and other nations by providing a range of financial instruments and products such as export and import loans, overseas investment loans, guarantees, etc. Export loans are provided to overseas importers and financial institutions to support finance exports of Japanese machinery, equipment, and technology, mainly to developing countries. Equity participations are capital contributions to companies where Japanese companies have equity stakes to undertake overseas projects, as well as funds where Japanese companies perform significant roles.

JBIC finances projects aimed at preserving the global environment, such as projects that significantly reduce greenhouse gas GHG emissions, under the financial instrument for global environmental preservation called GREEN Global action for Reconciling Economic growth and ENvironmental preservation. Read more. Export loans Export loans are provided to overseas importers and financial institutions to support finance exports of Japanese machinery, equipment, and technology, mainly to developing countries.

Equity participations Equity participations are capital contributions to companies where Japanese companies have equity stakes to undertake overseas projects, as well as funds where Japanese companies perform significant roles.

The Japanese government is setting up speed-dating events to help with its ‘demographic time bomb’

With an increasing number of Japanese remaining single amid an absence of traditional matchmakers, one municipality is turning to big data to help people tie the knot. More local governments are moving to help their residents get married, as the country’s birthrate continues to fall. In the western Japan prefecture of Ehime, a marriage promotion center in the city of Matsuyama started utilizing big data in March for its matchmaking system, in which members register their personal information and academic background.

Japan | NL digital LSH showcase & matchmaking your organisation in close cooperation with the Dutch government and TFHC, meet new relevant business.

It is jointly funded and managed by both sides. It has its head office in Tokyo and an office in Brussels. Done in cooperation with local members of EEN. One-year ‘Vulcanus’ programme in Japan. Include market-specific business seminars, one-on-one meetings at a targeted trade fair. The “EU Business in Japan” programme offers information, reports and webinars on a wide range of Japanese business sectors.

Space Japan focus on certain cooperation sectors such as Earth Observation. The Centre produces 5 newsletters. The Centre organises regular meetings with all the Member States Trade Promotion Organization present in Japan for sharing information, and ensure complementarities. Launched in October to promote cooperation at the level of clusters, regions and prefectures.

EU-Japan cooperation on climate action though industry, trade and climate policies.

Japanese municipality turns to big data for matchmaking

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In Japan, one consequence of the pandemic, say deal bankers and The Japanese government’s problem, if Covid does lure it further into.

So she has decided to expand her pool of prospective partners by looking for love outside the capital. To that end she has filled out an online profile detailing her name, job, hobbies and even weight on a match-making site that pairs up single urbanites with people from rural areas. They are typically operated by an unlikely marriage-broker: local governments.

It claims to have successfully coupled up more than 1, Akita residents since it launched nine years ago. It recently began offering a similar service to introduce residents to people living outside the prefecture and is optimistic about its prospects. Along with online matching services, municipalities across Japan host parties to help singles mingle.

They also organise subsidised group tours in rural prefectures, in which half the participants are locals and the other half from cities, to encourage urbanites to marry and move to the countryside. Hundreds of singletons participate in these tours every year. The rural bureaucrats are playing cupid in the hopes of stemming emigration.

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